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Thai Teacher in China bridges gap in talent exchange
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Nitinun Chomchuen from Thailand, now a teacher at Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technical College in Beichen district of Tianjin, plays a crucial role at the college's Luban Workshop, aiding hundreds of Thai students in their studies and helping them secure job opportunities.

The first Luban Workshop outside China was established at Ayutthaya Technical College in Thailand in 2016, in collaboration with Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technical College.

The Luban Workshop, functioning as a vocational training platform, benefits Thailand by providing a wealth of educational resources from China, including technology, equipment and scholarships, to nurture specialized talents.

Having lived in Tianjin for 10 years, Nitinun Chomchuen has fallen in love with this livable city. In both life and work, she feels more comfortable here. "Because my husband and my friends are also here, every time I come back to Tianjin, I feel like I'm finally back home."

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