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Academic leader of emergency medicine
Updated: Jan 06, 2023

Employer Information
Established in 1914, Beijing Anding Hospital, affiliated with the Capital Medical University, has become a modern, new-style, upper-first-class psychiatric hospital.

Job Title
Academic leader of emergency medicine

Job Opening Validity
June, 2024

Job Description
1. Responsible for the construction of the research team.
2. Guide and carry out basic emergency scientific research.

Salary and Benefits
1. According to the Implementation Measures for the Introduction and Management of High-level Talents of Beijing Anding Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, relevant benefits shall be given to the applicant. The remuneration and payment method shall be determined through negotiation, and performance benefits, such as on scientific research performance, shall be enjoyed according to performance evaluation results.
2. Social insurance, a housing allowance and labor union benefits will be provided according to the relevant regulations of public institutions in Beijing.
3. Children's schooling and other benefits can be negotiated.

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