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Academic leader of the division of perinatal medicine
Updated: Jan 06, 2023

Employer Information
The Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital was established in 1959, and is a 3A hospital that combines medical care, teaching, research, prevention, and health care, and focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of common, frequently-occurring and complex diseases in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. It is home to the WHO maternal and child health research and training cooperation center. The hospital is part of the College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Capital Medical University, and undertakes multi-level teaching tasks for doctors and master’s degree candidates. The hospital is home to the Beijing antenatal diagnosis center, the Beijing high-risk pregnancy referral and consultation hospital, the Beijing neonatal disease screening center, the Beijing gynecological minimally invasive treatment center, the National Key Clinical Specialty Project construction unit, and the National Demonstration Base for Talents and Talents Introduction.

Job Title
Academic leader of the division of perinatal medicine

Period of Employment

Job Description
1. Strengthen the development of key disciplines.
2. Possess the all-round management capacity of perinatal medicine; improve talent training and talent echelon construction.
3. Lead the department to improve its scientific research level, and implement scientific research indicators.
4. Improve the quality of medical service while implementing indicators, such as occupancy and admission rate.
5. Strengthen contact with overseas parties, and expand the international influence of the hospital.

Salary and Benefits
Successful applicants will be provided with medical research equipment, a good working environment, a medical team, a scientific research platform and financial support in accordance with the applicant's ability. Benefits will be negotiable. The hospital will actively recommend candidates to apply for national and Beijing municipal talents projects.

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