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12th Beijing Tour for Overseas Talents to be unveiled
Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The 12th Beijing Tour for Overseas Talents will be launched on December 22.

Organized by the Beijing Overseas Talents Center (BOTC), a series of activities are expected to be rolled out both online and offline in the one-year-long event to help overseas talents learn more about Beijing and encourage them to visit and work in the city.

The first global promotional session for the event will be held on December 22 to highlight the construction of the Zhongguancun Science City, the Huairou Science City, the Beijing Future Science Park and the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area.

It will also strengthen the publicity of talent attraction policies and services among target groups in North America, Oceania and some Asian countries, give an introduction to the programs and services of the BOTC, and provide over 2,000 employment opportunities from 126 employers, which consist of enterprises, research institutions, universities and medical organizations in Beijing.

The online activities will mainly focus on such key sectors as information technology, medicine and health, integrated circuits, intelligent manufacturing and equipment, and energy-saving environmental protection, all of which are crucial for the innovative development of Beijing.

The event will convene global promotional conferences on different themes and in different regions, as well as explain preferential policies and measures adopted by Beijing, release talent attraction policies put in place by all districts of Beijing, publish relevant employment opportunities, build online contact platforms, help overseas talents quickly locate their ideal jobs, and facilitate the channels for them to return to China.

The offline activities comprise visits to industrial parks and sci-tech enterprises, policy explanation, and exchanges between job seekers and prospective employers. Overseas talents will be invited to visit Beijing and hold face-to-face talks with potential employers as well.

At the end of the event, organizers will work with employers to provide overseas talents with whole-chain services, which entail favorable policies, settlement, appraisal, cultivation, governmental services, work and life, to further enhance their sense of fulfillment.

The event is designed to better meet the demand of overseas talents in the post-pandemic era, focus on key areas in the building of the capital city into a scientific and technological innovation center, strengthen the publicity of its talent policies and the building of a fine innovation and entrepreneurship environment through online and offline means, bridge overseas talents with Beijing, endeavor to create a systematic and whole-chain talent service platform, and make the city more attractive to global talents.

Beijing has fostered some of the most extensive scientific and technological innovation resources in the world. The BOTC has further expanded and optimized its services in the organization of the event, and supported Beijing to fulfill its core functions as national center for politics, culture, international exchanges and scientific and technical innovation and to become a high-caliber talent hub.

Since 2010, the event has drawn the attendance of over 2,600 overseas returnees from nearly 30 countries and regions and bridged about 600 enterprises with prospective employees.


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