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Lanzhou University to hire global talents
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About Lanzhou University

Lanzhou University is located in Lanzhou, capital city of Northwest China's Gansu province. As a key link on the ancient Silk Road, it is the only capital city where the Yellow River passes through. It is also an important industrial base, transport telecommunication hub, and a center of science and education in Western China.

The history of Lanzhou University dates back to the establishment of Gansu Law and Politics School in 1909. It is a national comprehensive university under the  Ministry of Education. It is an important base for the cultivation of high-level talents and the organization of advanced scientific research in Western China.

Lanzhou University has been inscribed into the "211" and "985" projects and a list of domestic prestigious universities that aspire to world-class status.

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Job Vacancies

Job opportunities available are the following: professors with the Cuiying Scholar Program, outstanding overseas young talents, professor-level researchers, young researchers, associate professor-level researchers, foreign teachers, and post-doctoral researchers.

Applicants shall have necessary competence to fulfill their tasks in teaching and personnel training. They should master relevant academic disciplines, meet the requirements for academic capacity and performance, and boast outstanding potential and qualifications in the academe.

With the exception of high-level talents, the age of applicants for senior professional title and deputy senior professional title shall be below 45 and 40, respectively. The age limit for applicants in the disciplines of humanities and social sciences can be relaxed appropriately in accordance with actual conditions.


Competitive salary for job hunters who specialize in teaching and research;

Access to medical services of top hospitals; high-level talents enjoy a "green channel" in the pursuit of healthcare services and fine medical resources;

Eligible for renting an apartment in university-based talent community;

Access to "one-on-one" services.

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Applicants for the Cuiying Scholar Program

It is an important talent attraction plan adopted by Lanzhou University to lure talents at home and from abroad.

· First-grade post: Academicians, first-level professors and other equivalent talents;

· Second-grade post: Leading figures in national-level talent programs and those with equivalent competence after professional assessment;

· Third-grade post: Those associated with China's 1,000 Young Talents Selection Plan, 10,000 Young Talents Selection Plan, the Yangtze River Scholar Program for Young Talents and National Natural Science Foundation of China's (NSFC) Young Talent Science Foundation; or domestic and foreign applicants for above-mentioned four categories of young talents through Lanzhou University;

· Fourth-grade post: Those who have already made important progress in their research and shown potential to become above-mentioned four categories of young talents.

Successful applicants, who have entered the Cuiying Scholar Program as full-time researchers, will be provided with professor or research titles. They are entitled to competitive salary, housing subsidies and special allowance for research.

Outstanding Overseas Young Talents


· Abide by China's laws and rules, have fine scientific ethics and carry forward the spirit of science in the new era;

· Age  below 40;

· A holder of a doctoral degree;

· Have gained formal teaching and research posts in foreign universities, research institutes, and corporate research departments for over 36 months;

· Make scientific or technological results with the recognition of peer experts and show development potential to become leading talents in academic fields;

· Have no full-time job in China or have come to China no longer than a year. They shall resign their overseas posts and work at Lanzhou University as a full-time employee.

Policy support:

Those who have become successful applicants of the NSFC's Young Talent Science Foundation via Lanzhou University are entitled to the following:

· A lump sum of 500,000 yuan (about $70,000) to cover their living expenses;

· Applicants bestowed with the first three levels of the Cuiying Scholar Program titles enjoy monthly salaries and a performance-based subsidy of 500,000 yuan (about $70,000); an allowance of 1.1 million yuan (about $154,000) to cover their housing and living expenses, and an amount of financial assistance to the launch of their research program equivalent to financial aid from the NSFC; and an allowance of 100,000 yuan (about $14,000) per year by the end of their first tenure;

· Hired as government-paid professors and doctoral supervisors; they shall meet the requirements in the cultivation of at least one doctoral student and at least two graduate students;

· Enjoy support in their academic research, development needs, the formation of research groups, and favorable policies in talent attraction and the selection as postdoctoral researchers.

Foreign Teachers


· Competitive salary that meets the international standards;

· Start-up allowance for research for different level researchers;

· Housing subsidies for different level researchers;

· Benefits in accordance with international practice.

Postdoctoral Researchers for the Cuiying Scholar Program


· Fresh graduates with doctoral degrees, or those who have obtained their doctoral degree no longer than three years, younger than 35;

· Show outstanding competence in innovation, fine spirit in scientific cooperation, huge development potential and meet relevant requirements of Lanzhou University pertaining to the establishment of personal research projects and study groups.


· A yearly payment between 300,000 yuan (about $42,000) and 400,000 yuan (about $56,000) for those listed as postdoctoral researchers in the Cuiying Scholar Program;

· Enjoy allowances and other policy support of Gansu for postdoctoral researchers;

· Enjoy the payment of social insurance and housing provident fund.

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Application Guidance

Please log in to view specific recruitment information and submit application.

Please send resume, identity certificate, certificates of professional qualification, awards and titles, representative research papers and scientific achievements to the following e-mail address: ( and

Please indicate name, major, and application to Lanzhou University in the subject heading of e-mail.

Contact Us

Contact person: Ni Yunxia, Zhou Ji'an, Song Weiguo, Li Pengfei

Address: No. 222 Tianshui South Road, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province.

Contact department: Talent Office of Lanzhou University Party Committee

Postcode: 730000


86-0931-8915759 (for talent attraction), 86-0931-8912594 (for the attraction of postdoctoral researchers)

E-mail address: (for talent attraction), (for the attraction of postdoctoral researchers)

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